• Significantly decreased the void
    • With combine the solder, the void space can be saved maximum less than 1%.
    • Improved the electrical characteristics and the connection reliability of the product.
  • In-line type for mass production
    • Min. 30 sec tact speed time for mass productions
  • Convection heating system
    • One time soldering and vacuum reflow on the double face PCB, the void can be decreased.
    • The metal PCB with the heat sink of aluminum can be solder.
    • The temperature variations less than the hot plate heating system, the reflow time can be shorten.
  • Ultra low power consumption to promote saving energy.
  • Large-capacity flux collection unit to increase operation hours
    • The cleaning flux frequency several times a year.
  • Available for N2 or Air reflow equipment.


  • Efficacy by the vacuum operation
    • In combination N2 circulation heating with vacuum system, the void occurrence is made to reduce drastically even the wide-area soldering.

  • Performance of heating and vacuum processing
    • With combine the convection heating system and the vacuum, soldering quality beyond the concept of the conventional temperature profile conditions is possible by small zone.
    • Made a small vacuum chamber to able to min 30 sec tact speed time for mass productions.
    • Possible to vacuum soldering of small parts for low heat resistance. RSV Series can be solder the thick plate of copper or aluminum.

  • Ultra low power consumption to promote saving energy
    • The light weighting and high insulation of the furnace body can lower the power substantially, can save huge energy consumption and lower the cost of electricity.

  • High heat-insulation designed
    • Used low thermal conductivity material. Combine the double heat-insulation material, resinification of cover for insulation material and lower the power substantially, can save energy consumption and CO2.

  • Flux collection unit and filter unit
    • The large-capacity flux collection unit makes less cleaning frequency. Also it is easy to handle replacing and cleaning radiators.
    • The multistage special filter can be protected from the dirt of the vacuum pump. It is easy cleaning filter.


Model No. RSV12M-612-WD RNV12M-512 RNV12M-411 RNV12L-411 RNVB12M-11
Heating Zone 6 5 4 1
Vacuum Zone 1
Cooling Zone 2 1
Power AC200V

3Φ 116A

3Φ 103A

3Φ 96.5A

3Φ 110A

3Φ 29A
Start up Power Max. 39.9kw Max. 35.5kw Max. 33.3kw Max. 38.0kw Max. 10.8kw
Heating Temperature Max. 350℃ Max. 280℃ Max. 280℃
Vacuum 1 ~ 10kPa 1 ~ 12kPa 5 ~ 10kPa
Approx. 300 ~ 400L/min Approx. 200L/min
Dimension Length 5,140mm 5,580mm 4,780mm 6,425mm 1,082mm
Width 1,310mm 1,760mm
Height 1,500mm 1,280mm
PCB Width 100 ~ 330mm 100 ~ 250mm 100 ~ 400mm 75 ~ 250mm
Length 100 ~ 250mm 100 ~ 330mm 100 ~ 500mm 100 ~ 330mm
Component Height Upper 30mm
Lower 30mm 30mm ※
Flux Collection Standard Equipment
Option PC set, UPS, Monthly Timer, Specific Color, Other