Major Features

Test and analyze printed circuit boards quickly and efficiently with Seika's in-circuit test equipment. Our in circuit tester has a variety of features that are irresistible, such as the employment of flying probe's for fast and accurate assessment. The flying probe in circuit test equipment uses resistance testing to examine the solder joints throughout the lands and leads, while the soft landing feature keeps the board from being damaged. We provide the option of a four terminal measure probe as well, not offered by many other companies, which detects the smallest disparity between first-rate and poor soldering. The flying probe in-circuit tester has a vast array of test items too, such as, poor contact detection, and the ability to search for mis-mounted or faulty components. At a measuring rate of 40 steps per second, the machine is also fast and precise. Our in-circuit test equipment also has a built in automated optical inspection feature that will analyze displacement, polarity, and presence of the component. This automated feature permits for more consistent and accurate data than when using the conventional visual inspection method. With jig-less testing our in-circuit tester also requires less setup and more accuracy than conventional machinery.

Quick and Efficient Data Analysis

Analyze the data received from our in circuit test equipment swiftly and proficiently with the wide range of measurement capabilities provided. The automatic test generation feature will provide the ability to make a distinction between defective circuit performance and high-quality performance. Data is stored in comma-separated value format so that it is easily arranged in the software of choice, and is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP operation systems.

Cost Efficient

Through the many first-rate features of the flying probe ICT, and usability of the data analysis provided with it, there is no question that a Hioki in-circuit tester is a cost effective way to check printed circuit boards. While also being adaptable to third party bed of nails equipment, it is undeniably equipment worth the cost.